In some places, there are many that obstruct the future for the few visionaries. In the Montafon, there are many who are visionary. The potential of the valley also lies in this professional focus on high-quality and holistic development. It is worth it, all round.
„The Montafon is predestined for sporting activities of all types, and also provides space for regeneration, for recuperation and for simply enjoying oneself. At the same time, it opens up enormous economic possibilities.”

Michael Doppelmayr,
Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH


With over 2 million overnight stays per year, the Montafon leads the field in this area and is the most popular destination in the State of Vorarlberg. Numerous private holiday apartments, as well as 3-star and 4-star hotels, receive visitors throughout the year. However, the demand for high-quality hotel beds exceeds the existing supply in the Montafon – it is time to make use of this potential. It is worth it, all round.

tabelle_nächtigungen_EN2 * commercial and private holiday apartments/houses, managed shelter chalets, mountain chalets, private rooms incl. farm accommodation, youth hostels, guest houses, group accommodation, lodges etc.

Figures from the 2012/13 tourism year



Land is available. In all of the Montafon communities, zoned land of between 3,000 and 12,000 m2 is available in very central locations. Land is fully serviced. The existing land is fully serviced and allocated for the appropriate land use. Land is versatile. There are many options and different locations for projects. It is worth it, all round.

tabelle_naechtigungen_EN Guests from all over the world come to the Montafon, but most of them – now as before – come from Germany. In recent years, it was possible to welcome an increasing number of guests from other countries – the Dutch, as well as the French, Belgians and Swiss. Further internationalisation is heavily favoured in the Montafon.


The Montafon is open and ready for the new. Representatives of politics and commerce support investment in beneficial hotel and commercial projects in the valley. On behalf of “Stand Montafon” (regional political institution) and “Montafon Tourismus” (regional tourism organisation), “Standortmarketing Montafon” supports investors in the organisation of all appointments with the authorities – from project presentation through to the final building approval in the Montafon region and the State of Vorarlberg.

The Montafon has been a popular holiday destination for many decades – in summer and winter. The valley is as popular for its people, its natural environment and its skiing facilities as it is for its easy accessibility by car, rail or air, its very good infrastructure and its very well preserved natural and cultural landscape. It has much to offer and a visit is worth it, all round.

Now, as before, the Montafon has great potential to move forward – great development potential exists particularly in the area of upmarket hotels and tourist-friendly commercial facilities. The valley is open to the new, and ready to grow. It looks forward to your investment and: It is worth it, all round. [/one_half]
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