Irrespective of from where you look at it, the mountain panorama in the Montafon is always unique. And once you have reached the top, the peaks offer an incomparable vista over 360° of magnificent landscape.

Likewise, tourism offers an equally attractive perspective. Assess the Montafon based on location, accessibility and tourist infrastructure. You will find that the prospect of good profits is outstanding all round.
“The reason why the Liebherr Group operates its superior 4-star Hotel Löwen at the Montafon tourist destination is easily explained: our business partners, and friends from all over the world, like it here just as much as we do. It is like in a large family – relaxed and simply beautiful.”

Isolde Liebherr,
Hotel Löwen Montafon


The Montafon is surrounded by over 20 million people within a radius of about 500 kilometres. It is embraced and loved by many more millions of well-off guests from near and far; it is easily and comfortably accessible via all means of transport both in summer and in winter.


CityDistanceTravel time car approx.Travel time rail*Inhabitants conurbation
Friedrichshafen101 km1,2 h1 h 48’0,2 million
Memmingen139 km1,5 h2 h 37’1,7 million
Innsbruck140 km1,5 h1 h 59’0,2 million
Zürich168 km1,7 h2 h 11’1,1 million
Ulm188 km1,8 h3 h 11’0,3 million
Basel248 km2,5 h3 h 20’0,7 million
München250 km2,5 h3 h 50’2,6 million
Stuttgart278 km2,8 h4 h 11’2,7 million
Mailand311 km3,5 h5 h 47’7,5 million
Salzburg326 km3,5 h3 h 55’0,3 million
Frankfurt a.M.485 km4,4 h5 h 33’2,2 million
* efers to the best possible connection, irrespective of the time of day. ertrag_tabelle_en


Vorarlberg is located at the far west of Austria and yet it is very centrally placed close to Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is a small state which – with its above-average export volume – is one of the world’s strongest economic regions.
Vorarlberg companies are pioneers in environmentally aware business. Nature is considered a priceless jewel and is sensitively utilised for the purpose of tourism. Industry, commerce and trade place great emphasis on energy efficiency and the careful use of resources. They all make a valuable contribution in order to sustainably strengthen the commercial viability of Vorarlberg.

Similarly, Vorarlberg offers top quality and rich diversity as a habitat and place to live. There are numerous leisure activities which are available throughout the year and which ignificantly contribute to the high quality of life. These include sophisticated cultural events, such as the Bregenz Festival and the Schubertiade music festival, as well as numerous sporting activities. For example, golfers have a choice of four 18-hole and three 9-hole golf courses.

360° diversity in one region, which one can cross in a car in 1.5 hours – from the banks of Lake Constance in the north to the Silvretta high mountains in the south. It is worth it, all round.


The high alpine valley with its 13 localities covers 39 km from Bielerhöhe to Bludenz and is one of the most popular tourist regions in Vorarlberg going back over more than a hundred years. Its mountains, with the Verwallgruppe in the north and the Rätikon and Silvretta in the south, offer the best leisure activities. This includes the Piz Buin which, with its 3,312 m, is the highest mountain in Vorarlberg.

The Montafon is embedded in nature, offering guests many different leisure activities all year round – from hiking across meadows and on mountains, mountain-biking along fascinating routes, walking along a refreshing river or skiing swiftly down perfect pistes. Looked at from a more comfortable perspective, you can also find culinary highlights at numerous Alpine Association chalets and gourmet restaurants, a relaxed wellness day or simply the peace of a mysterious mountain forest. Whatever people discover in the Montafon – it is worth it, all round.


The first people settled in the Montafon as long as 5,000 years ago. Later on, the Walsers and Raetoromanic people moved to the area from the Valais and Grisons areas. These people and their culture were moulded by the alpine location of their homeland, turning them into strong and industrious inhabitants. The Montafon people needed a steadfast and innovative approach to make the natural environment their own and to survive with mining and alpine cultivation.
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